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Additional Services From Level Access

Level Access is strategically partnering with UVA through 2021 as UVA builds the foundation of its Digital Accessibility Program. Through this partnership, UVA has negotiated special rates for additional consulting services outside of the centralized effort.

Common Types of Service Requests

Remediation Support
We can make remediation easier for your team. We recommend utilizing this support right away for the issues in your audit report with the highest Tractability (T) rating.

Ad-hoc Accessibility Consulting
Access to our specialists allowing your team to focus on business solutions for your users, eliminating development bottlenecks for formal accessibility validations

Validation Testing
After completing initial remediation efforts and solving issues in your report, you’ll work directly with our Services staff to address non-compliant code by validating fixes.

Design Reviews
If your team has something in the early design or wireframe phase, our experts can look it over and identify any accessibility concerns or potential issues. This will save you precious time and cost by avoiding lengthy remediation work.

Available Services:

Service Description Hourly Price
Accessibility Audit Any audit on any web, mobile, software or hardware asset. $165.00/hr.
Remediation Services and Support Consultation during the remediation phase that can include but is not limited to providing remediation guidance support for fixes and/or Level Access providing re-testing of violations to ensure fixes were implemented properly. $165.00/hr.
Ad-hoc Consulting Services / Validation Testing / Design Reviews Consultation throughout the development life cycle: design, develop, QA, release and maintain. $165/hr.
Document Remediation Word, PowerPoint, or PDF remediation services $95.00/hr.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in auditing, remediation services or any other service, the Level Access team is happy to help get you started. Level Access will work with you to help identify an appropriate number of hours necessary for any consulting, auditing or remediation related activities. Please reach out to Level Access’s dedicated Account Manager via the information provided below should you be looking to pursue further accessibility support from the Level Access team:

About Level Access

Level Access provides industry-leading and award-winning digital accessibility solutions to over 1000 corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. Level Access’s mission is to achieve digital equality for all users by ensuring technology is accessible to people with disabilities and the growing aging population. Founded in 1997, Level Access has an unparalleled history in helping customers achieve and maintain compliance with the full scope of accessible technology regulations and standards including the ADA, WCAG, CVAA, AODA, Mandate 376, and Section 508. Delivered through a comprehensive suite of software, consulting services, and training solutions, the company’s solutions ensure customer’s web, desktop, mobile, and electronic document systems are accessible to everyone. Level Access is endorsed by the American Banking Association, named a White House “Champion of Change” in 2014, and multi-year repeat winners on the Inc. 5000 list of fast-growing companies. To learn more, please visit

Level Access Provides Support Throughout the Development Life cycle



  • Wireframe/Comp Reviews
  • General Consulting
  • Framework/Standards Creation
  • Assist with “Walkthrough” calls for Developer transition


  • General Consulting
  • Remediation Guidance
  • Agile Team Embedment
  • Validation/Regression Testing


  • Testing (Automated / Manual / Assistive technology)


  • Compliance Audits (Annual or after major releases)
  • Project Management/Planning


  • Re-testing or audit
  • Ad-hoc Accessibility Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting projects (engaging Senior Consultants will deduct hours at a higher rate)
  • Training on how to perform accessibility testing
  • Policy & Program Development
  • Advanced training and on site training through Level Access’s Strategic Training & Consulting team