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Digital Accessibility

Creating and maintaining an accessible digital environment is a journey - not a one and done endeavor. Accessibility is often thought of as a series of steps, a checklist to follow. However, accessibility should be thought of more as good practice - a method of creating digital assets that are inclusive and useable by a broad audience using a variety of devices. It should be incorporated at the onset of content creation or the development of a digital project, and monitored through its lifecycle. It can also be thought of as being on a continuum with the goal being more towards accessible and less towards inaccessible.

Accessibility as a Continuum:

  • Inaccessible experiences and materials exclude people.
  • Accommodations are modifications or adjustments made for an individual with a disability on an as-needed basis. Most often they provide access to one person and often require extra work. This effort is reactive.
  • Accessible experiences and materials provide equal access for everyone without extra work. This effort is proactive.

The content provided throughout this site offers resources and guidance to assist in this effort.

The University of Virginia is committed to provide equal access to information, programs, and activities delivered through its official digital resources. Therefore it is the responsibility of all of us to work towards a more inclusive and accessible digital experience. Our digital resources include web sites, web-based applications, digital content, digital tools, and media used to conduct university business or academic activities delivered through the internet and the University's intranet.

The Digital Accessibility Project (DAP), underway since 2017, offers guidance, training opportunities, and a centrally-funded tool portfolio to assist in creating an inclusive and accessible digital environment for all users. Specific information about the project and access to the centrally-funded tool portfolio are available on DAP specific web pages located within this site.