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Digital Accessibility Project (DAP)

An initiative of the President's Executive Committee on Digital Access, the Digital Accessibility Project (DAP) currently underway at UVA is a multi-year, phased approach addressing the accessibility of the University’s digital footprint. A centralized effort, the intention is to providing insight, guidance, and training regarding the accessibility of the University’s digital assets. This project encompasses departments and units of the University’s academic areas, Health System, and UVA’s College at Wise.

Beginning the spring of 2017 and led by the DAP Workgroup, UVA has embarked on a three-year engagement with our consulting partner, Level Access, around the development of new and the remediation of existing digital assets. The intention of this work is to create an inclusive digital environment for all users, but in particular for those individuals with disabilities.

The goals of this project and responsibilities of the DAP Workgroup are to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the University’s digital environment.
  • Develop an action plan, including both short and long-term goals, to address issues found in the review and move the University to a more proactive approach when developing and procuring new assets.
  • Provide a tool portfolio and resources to build and expand the skill set of UVA’s IT and web professionals, including content providers, in an effort to assure greater compliance with digital accessibility standards as legacy assets are remediated and new assets are developed.
  • Report on the progress of the project , provide guidance, develop plans for sustaining this effort after project completion and deliver to the Executive Committee on Digital Access for their consideration.