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Captioning and Audio Description

There are two types of captioning to be aware of:

  • Live or Realtime captioning (Usually performed via live or remote CART)
  • Post-production captioning

Live or Realtime captioning is used when captions are provided during a live event. This event can be either in person (e.g. presentations, in class, major events such as graduation) or via the web (e.g. streaming a live event over the web, engaging in web conference). This type of service is coordinated through the Student Disability Access Center. At least three weeks notice is required to arrange for this accommodation.

Information regarding post-production captioning at UVA is maintained by the UVA Library. Our two primary vendors are 3Play Media and cielo24. Having agreed to the state's terms and conditions, we utilize contracts with these vendors originally negotiated by George Mason Univ through VASCUPP.

For information regarding account creation, pricing and services available through each vendor: UVA Library - Accessibility Services - Captioning

More information on captioning and guidance for DIY captioning:

Audio descriptions provide a verbal description of the visual images and are intended as accommodations for individuals who are blind or with low vision. This service can be provided for video, but can also be part of live cultural events. It is time intensive, expensive, and an art. However, as technology improves, providing audio descriptions for video is becoming easier through tools such as YouDescribe.