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Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)

A web-based platform designed to support UVA’s Grounds-wide Digital Accessibility Project Procured from Level Access; Managed in Partnership with Level Access


AMP is where you start.

It is the web-based platform being used to centrally manage the Grounds-wide Digital Accessibility Project (DAP). With AMP, automated standardized testing controls are available to ensure all individuals across UVA are testing against the required digital standards (i.e. WCAG 2.x) and regulations (i.e. Section 508) applicable to the University. AMP serves as the resource for centrally sourced testing tools and as a primary repository for all digital testing efforts and reports. In addition, AMP provides direct access to the Level Access e-learning platform for digital accessibility – ACCESS University.

Licensing for this tool is provided throughout the duration of the Digital Accessibility Project. An account is required for access and will be created automatically when logging into AMP for the first time.

Establishing Your Account

To login and begin accessing the resources available to you, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. When prompted, login through NetBadge using your UVA digital certificate or computing ID and EServices password
  3. When prompted with Level Access’ AMP sign-in page*:
    1. Agree to and accept Level’s Master Service Agreement (MSA)**
    2. Select the job role with which you most closely associate
    3. Select your department/unit.
      1. If you do not see your department/unit listed in the dropdown, select ‘None of The Above.’
      2. You will have access to ‘University’, but not to any reports or other tools in the tool portfolio.
      3. You will be contacted by the Level Access administrator and asked to provide required information to place you in the proper organization and role.

*This page will only appear upon your initial login. Upon subsequent logins, you will land directly on your personal AMP dashboard.

**The University has a signed contract on file with agreed to terms for this project. It is fine for you to accept the terms present in the Master Service Agreement.

Getting Started With AMP

An AMP New User Orientation course is available in the Level Access e-Learning platform, Access University. This orientation consists of short video overviews of key concepts which can be viewed at your own pace. (You must be logged into AMP to access the course.)

A two-day on site AMP-specific training session was held on Grounds at UVA in October 2018. To request access to the recording of these training sessions, contact the DAP Project Manager.

Beyond the Basic Automated Test

Automated tests, such as those conducted using AMP, offer the easiest and quickest way to achieve a systematic check of your website/app for accessibility compliance; however, they only cover roughly 30% of accessibility requirements. The remaining 70% require human judgement in the form of:

  • manual and functional tests;
  • visual inspections; and
  • usability tests.

For example, an automated test will tell you technically if each form field has a corresponding form label; however, only a human can decide whether the form labels are legible and comprehensible, and whether they fully provide information in the context implied or accurate requests for information when using assistive technologies.

Another example – a picture of the Rotunda on the main UVA home page as part of marketing the university will be presented in a different context than the same picture on a History of Architecture page. The alternative text for each instance needs to reflect the intent of the image. The text description can only be determined to be accurate with human review. An automated test will not be able to discern the difference, but will “Pass” the alternative text requirement as long as there is text in the appropriate location in code.

After completing an automated test, be sure to identify key functional pages and primary user journeys. Then, for each of these pages:

  1. visually inspect the semantic structure and text alternatives in Preview mode in Access Assistant; and
  2. work through the "Needs Review" list in Access Assistant.

Then perform a walk through of the user journey using the keyboard only and a screen reader such as JAWS (UVA is currently evaluating JAWS Inspect), NVDA or VoiceOver.


Should you require support logging into AMP or have product-related questions, email You should expect a response within two business days.

You can also seek support from the individual at UVA who is serving in the role of AMP administrator for your School/Center/Department. A list of individuals at UVA serving in this role is available. If you do not see your unit listed, send a note asking for a point of contact to

Additional information and training on the use of AMP, including the development of work flow, is available through e-learning courses via Access University which is available once you have logged into AMP. In addition to Access University, additional online training is also available on the Level Access website. Key topics include:

  • AMP New User Orientation (Located under Level Access Products)
  • Using Access Assistant (Located under Level Access Products)
  • Accessibility Audit Methodology v2

Online training is also available on the Level Access website. Key topics include: